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Customize our offerings to fit the exact requirements of your project, ensuring a perfect match every time.

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Collaborate with our artists to create silk paintings that perfectly align with your client’s needs and preferences.

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Benefit from a rewarding partnership with our commission program, sales rebates, and exclusive discounts for your clients.

48-Hour Artwork Reserve.

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Advanced Artwork Preview.

Stay ahead of the curve with a 2-week advanced preview of our upcoming artwork collections, allowing you to plan and integrate the latest trends into your designs.

Project Desk – Personalized Consultation.

Leverage personalized one-on-one consultations and receive tailored recommendations and suggestions for art integration, ensuring your projects stand out.

At El Capitan Art, we are experts in not just art, but also in understanding spatial dynamics. We work closely with you to select pieces that resonate with your vision, taking into consideration factors such as colour schemes, lighting, room function, and the emotional tone you wish to set. This bespoke service ensures that the artwork becomes an integral part of your design, enhancing the overall mood and character of the space.

Our Project Desk service is more than just an art consultation; it’s a partnership aimed at bringing your design vision to life with the unique beauty and depth of hand-painted silk art. By collaborating with El Capitan Art, you not only gain access to exclusive, bespoke artworks but also to a team dedicated to enhancing your designs with personalized, artistic solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of silk artwork, including both ready-to-display pieces and the option to commission bespoke artwork tailored to specific interior design projects. Our collection encompasses a variety of sizes, layouts, and themes to suit any space or aesthetic preference.

To commission a bespoke piece, simply reach out to us via Our team will then schedule a one-on-one consultation to understand your requirements and preferences. This includes discussing themes, colours, sizes, and any specific design elements you’re looking to incorporate to ensure the artwork perfectly matches your client’s needs.

[/ux_text…be shipped quicker, depending on availability.

Interior designers benefit from innovative art solutions, tailor-made sizes, layouts, and themes, commission/sales rebates, client discounts, a 48-hour artwork reserve, advanced artwork previews, and access to our project desk for personalized art integration suggestions.

Our 48-Hour Artwork Reserve allows interior designers to hold a piece of artwork exclusively for their clients for up to 48 hours. This gives you the time to discuss with your clients and make a decision without the pressure of the piece being sold. Simply let us know which piece you’re interested in, and we’ll reserve it for you.

Yes, as part of our partnership benefits, interior designers receive a 2-week advanced preview of our new artwork collections. This ensures that you have the first pick of our latest pieces and can stay ahead of design trends.

Our Project Desk offers personalized consultations to assist with art selection and integration into your design projects. Our team can provide tailored recommendations and suggestions to ensure the artwork complements your design vision perfectly.

For each successful referral or purchase, interior designers receive a commission or sales rebate as part of our partnership program.

Our silk artworks are crafted using the highest quality silk and dyes to ensure vibrant colours and lasting beauty. Each piece is created by our skilled artista Zahra, who combines traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.

We understand the importance of meeting project deadlines and strive to accommodate your timeline. For bespoke commissions, we recommend discussing your project timeline early in the consultation process to ensure we can deliver your artwork in a timely manner. Ready-to-display pieces can typically be shipped quicker, depending on availability.

We offer secure shipping worldwide, with all artwork carefully packaged to ensure its safety during transit. While we do not directly offer installation services, each piece comes with detailed instructions for installation and care.

Our artwork comes in a range of sizes, from small 50cm x 40cm accent pieces to large-scale 155cm x 90cm artworks that make a statement in any room. We can accommodate requests for almost any size, including large-scale commissions, ensuring the artwork fits perfectly in the intended space.