Welcome to EL Capitan, a place where the dynamic beauty of the Iberian Peninsula and the refined elegance of silk artistry merge seamlessly. Our collection reflects the diverse cultural landscape and natural splendour of the region, enriched by the sophisticated touch of silk.

Our creations embody the vibrant essence of the Peninsula, intertwined with the fluid grace of silk. Each piece showcases our dedication to capturing the unique spirit and beauty of our inspirations, whether they are drawn from the local scenery or the timeless allure of silk.

At EL Capitan, we weave visual stories that celebrate the vivacity and hues of the Peninsula, while also highlighting the versatile charm of silk. Our work is profoundly influenced by a passion for travel, cultural exploration, and the rich beauty and history of the Peninsula, seeking to instil a sense of wonder and mystique in our creations.

Our commitment is to offer an engaging experience that not only enchants but also enriches the understanding and appreciation of the cultural and scenic wealth of the Iberian Peninsula and the subtle beauty of silk.

Yours sincerely,


Artista & Founder of EL Capitan